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Septic Services

Septic Services

CST Utilities LLC provides a variety of septic services to our customers.


We offer:


  • Septic system pumping, installation, maintenance and repair

  • Aeration tank inspection, installation and repair

  • Holding tank installation and repair

  • Sand filter cleaning and replacement media

  • Grease interceptor cleaning, installation and repair

  • Catch basin cleaning, installation and repair

  • Car wash pit cleaning, installation and repair

  • Leach field repair and jetting

  • Riser and d-box installation

  • Switch from private septic to public sewer

  • Septic system inspection

  • Confined space entry

  • Emergency septic services available

  • We meet and exceed OSHA safety standards with ongoing safety training



Need to Switch from Private Septic to Public Sewer?

If you are required by your local municipality to switch from a septic system to public sewer, or want to make the switch on your own, CST Utilities LLC will work with you and alongside your local municipality to determine the best method of abandoning your septic system and installing a new sewer lateral line in its place.


Do not trust this to just any contractor. Sewer lines must be installed according to strict codes and guidelines. We will take care of all required permits and ensure your job is done on time and on budget.


Septic System Installation, Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair


We can properly inspect and maintain your septic tank, as well as repair or even replace your septic system as needed. From simple pumps and holding tanks to lift stations, CST Utilities LLC can handle your septic service needs. Our technicians are also certified for confined space entry which allows us to maneuver into small spaces to make repairs as needed.

24/7 Service Available, 365 Days a Year

Regular Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM
Weekends by Appointment


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